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Ready, Aim, Preach!

West Port Experiment

“When I am preaching, I see Dr. Jonas sitting there, and Oecolampadius, and Melanchthon, and I say to myself, ‘Those learned doctors know enough already; so I need not trouble about them. I shall fire at the poor people in the aisles.’”

-Martin Luther

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A Macedonian call, Puritan style

A Macedonian Call… Puritan style.

If you are confessional and Reformed this may be the opportunity you’re seeking. If not, at least pray for his work and others that try to faithfully serve a place and people.

West Port Experiment

In this video, I share about my efforts to evangelize and promote the Reformed faith in Rhode Island and especially in a multi-ethnic, working class area of Providence (read more directly blow or here). At the end, I make an appeal for help.

I can be reached at 515-783-5637 or by e-mail at mjives dot refparish at gmail dot com.

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Go and possess!

Go and possess!

West Port Experiment

A fine quote by Charles Spurgeon. Chalmers could not have said it better! –

“Brethren, let us hunt up destitute localities, and see that no district is left without the means of grace. This applies not only to London, but also to villages, hamlets, and little groups of cottages. Heathenism hides away among the lone places, as well as in the crowded slums of our mammoth cities. May every piece of ground be rained upon by gospel influences!”

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James 1:1-4 Bible Study Helps

The best version of the “Swedish Bible Study” Method I’ve seen because it has the cross ✝️ – this reminds us to see the Gospel as well as the Law in a passage. Our minds are often more attuned to what we must do rather than what God has done in Christ!

Young Meadows Youth Ministry

After two days of reading the whole letter of James, today we jumped into the letter to study James 1:1-4. We read the letter to get familiar with it. Now, we study it to go deep to search out the treasures of God’s word!

We used the Swedish Bible Study Method to start our bible study plan. It is a method attributed to Ada Lum, an IFES staff worker and Bible reading enthusiast of many decades. The method is named for the group of Swedish students it was originally used with. The goal was to find a way to lead students in learning how to study the bible by focusing on making good observations from God’s word to make sure they would interpret them correctly. It’s mean to get the student to focus on “what is God saying” or “what does the author mean” instead of just “what does…

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An Advent Book (The Christian Year Series) by Rev. Chuck Huckaby – Life Through Lutheran Lenses

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An Advent devotional that’s perfect for individuals, families, and small groups. PASTORS can receive this new book via PDF for FREE! And, for a short time it is free for everyone in Kindle format. Read on for details!
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