Finding our place to fulfil God’s purposes…

Nick Duffy is a pastor with a burden to see the great city of Manchester reached for Christ … Here is his story:

Duffys On A Mission

Finding Our Way

This last year has been one of the most fruitful for Ivy Fallowfield Church, we’ve had two baptism gatherings and seen more people on the streets want to follow Jesus than I can remember.  It’s been a real joy to lead a church that is so good at loving others and pioneering new initiatives to help people find their way back to God. And this is just the beginning!

So why am I leaving?

Last year, having read a book by Steve Addison called “Movements that change the world”, a few of us from Ivy Fallowfield church were trained by Steve in how to connect with people far from God, share the Gospel, help new believers obey Jesus and gather them into groups or churches.

During that training in Gorton I met a young guy on the streets with a hoody on and chatted with him. He was…

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To dream and keep on dreaming

Watch out when you pray – crazy stuff happens like your church becoming a Coffee House!

Apprentice 2 Jesus

A little over two years ago, on my worst day that year, I was at my church spending the day in prayer. The Lord had told me that morning not to be on “defense” that day in prayer. Don’t ask him for the provision I so desperately needed, but ask him for what was ahead. I was not to ask for me, I was to declare victory in my city. 

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Real world conversions lead to real world changes in communities Titus 3:8
If you’ve followed SEEDnet at all then you’ve heard of Andy Shank- he’s the big guy in the white shirt.  He came to Christ 9 years ago, won his family to Christ and immediately jumped into church planting. Before Andy came to Christ he led a large group of people that helped him sell and […]

My Identity in Christ Verses

You know people suffering shame and sadness. 

Knowing their identity in Jesus Christ is what can turn the tide. 

Keep the list handy and share it with people in their hours of need!

+ My Identity in Christ + Tool Download > Click here Tool Instructions > Jesus said, “Anyone who abides in me and I in them will bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5) The Apostle Paul trained us to continually renew our minds in order to faithfully serve the Lord […]

Lutheran pastor calls for boycott of Lutheran Social Services over preference for Muslim refugees

How did it come to this? 

A service that should be a diaconal arm of the church working with local congregations to love their neighbor has lost touch with the constituency claimed in its name.

Sadly “religious” social services are not about  the Christian Faith at work or the Good Samaritan its seems as much as lining their pockets with government fees for service. 

Their own namesake denominations feel manipulated and victimized by them. 

I suggest it’s because the Gospel has been lost from these agencies as has their sense of serving Christ in coordination with His church.

Sad to see it come to this…

We are beginning to see some people of the Lutheran faith who don’t like what is going on in their name! From Christian News Wire: DODGE CITY, Kan., May 2, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Lutheran Pastor Rev. CJ Conner of Dodge City, Kansas, calls on Christians of good conscience to boycott Lutheran Social Services (LSS). […]

Rapidly Multiplying Cells Create Urban Church Networks

Source: Rapidly Multiplying Cells Create Urban Church Networks


Rapidly Multiplying Cells or “micro churches” Create Urban Church Networks.

According to George Patterson’s training novel “Come Quickly Dawn” leaders should not focus on growing the “mother church” but, instead, focus on forming cells that multiply rapidly within the larger urban church.

There are six guidelines for developing urban cells and the 6 icons above remind us of the principles involved:

Family, Obedience, Community, Mentoring, Networking, and Rapid Multiplication. Click the link for more…

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