Birthing a New DMM in West Bemgal India

Birthing a New DMM Movement

David Watson chronicles the birth of. new Disciple Making Movement in a previously resistant area – West Bengal India.

Kavitha* attended a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training just a few months ago and was so excited, she went straight home and started a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) in her house. From that study, two people went out and started two more Discovery Bible Studies. Then a person from one of the new studies went out and started another one. That’s a third-generation Bible study in an unreached Bengali People Group — in six months!

*name has been changed for security reasons

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  1. Actually, this was a repost of one of my colleague’s e-newsletters (Harry Brown). His signature line was inadvertently left off. He is a regular contributor to my blog.


    David Watson
    from East Africa

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