David Watson: The Core Value of Prayer

Church Planting Strategy Coordinator David Watson writes at the link below suggesting a series of scripture passages that should inform the church planter’s prayer life. They may be studied by individuals or groups.

Those familiar with the “Discovery Bible Study” process will recognize the “3 Column” study…. asking of the text what it says, what it means, and stating how “I will” obey God’s Word. He offers a good explanation of these concepts for those not familiar with them.

In this article he adds adds a 4th column … “What must I/my team/my organization do to move from conspicuously obey these precepts?” It’s an application column to allow us to begin the process of navigating in the direction our reflection upon God’s Word leads us.

Attached to the article is a long list of scriptures on prayer that he suggests we not only study initially but revisit regularly…

Core Value Prayer