When It’s Best To Not Ransom The Captive

“Ransoming the Captives” is one of the 10 “Works of Mercy” that form the broad outline of Rev. Eric Foley’s “The Whole Life Offering”. Rev. Foley’s suggestion is that February through November, churches spend one month on each “Work of Mercy”. January is for preparation and December is for review essentially. Here’s a post on the work of mercy “Ransoming the Captive”.

Do the Word


Post by Pastor Tim – Ransoming the captive is not something that you can just roll out of bed and do.  It requires faithfulness in all the other works of mercy and a willingness to go where many are not willing to go.  That is precisely why I’ve been praying in regards to this work of mercy.  I knew I couldn’t manufacture a ransoming opportunity on my own . . . I would need the Lord’s direction.

God didn’t bring anyone new into my life, but he did open my eyes to an old friend who needs help.  Ransoming is a spirit-soul-body activity, and my friend certainly needs ransoming in all three areas.

A number of years ago he was convicted of a crime and since that point in time his life has gone in a downward spiral.  He has financially mismanaged his own money (and other peoples’ money as…

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