How One Church Fed An Entire Town



Scott and Karen waded around the corner toward St. Paul’s, where they have served for 11 years. “As we walked up the steps, I was prepared for the worst,” Bostwick says, “but as we got to the door, you could see the high water mark was actually…underneath the door. We were literally the only dry spot in down.” It was a miracle.

They turned to social media to let people know the church was dry. At first the response was slow—after all, no one in the town had power. Then someone a 45-minute drive south noticed and offered to donate a generator. Another person further south offered to drive it up. “Next thing you know,” Bostwick says, “we were the only spot that had lights and hot coffee and cell phone charging.” They posted the news on Facebook and put a poster board sign out in front of the church: “Hot coffee, water, charging station. All welcome.”

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Photo Courtesy St Paul UMC