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Though Chronological Bible Story Telling as an outreach and church planting tool is well known in “oral” cultures, DOOR International applies the methodology to Deaf culture…

DOOR uses these concepts to develop specific Bible-based training for Deaf leaders communicated and modeled by Deaf trainers/mentors.

  1. Bible Study: D.O.O.R. International Deaf staff has developed a 5-step inductive Bible study within the context of Deaf culture and language. This method of studying the Bible is utilized in the following series of Bible studies:
    • Evangelism – 32 chronological Bible stories
    • Discipleship – 77 chronological Bible stories
    • Believers’ Fellowship – 35 chronological Bible stories
  2. Evangelism: D.O.O.R. International Deaf staff and graduates of DOOR’s program have developed specific training in:
    • Sharing personal testimony.
    • Presenting a specific “short evangelism story” that can be taught to Deaf evangelists.
    • Asking inductive questions about the “evangelism story” that lead to understanding of God’s plan of salvation.
    • Teaching chronological Bible studies of 32 foundational Bible stories that will help a Deaf person understand God, creation, man & woman, Satan, sin, separation from God, the need for a Savior, Jesus, salvation, the Holy Spirit, and believers’ fellowship. These stories will be taught individually and in small groups to all Deaf wanting to learn.
  3. Discipleship: D.O.O.R. International has developed a second Chronological Bible Storying series consisting of 77 Bible stories that will help Deaf people to learn how to be obedient worshippers of God and followers of Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  4. D.O.O.R. International staff and graduates will teach Deaf people who accept Christ how to form local Deaf Believers’ Fellowships focused on the key elements of “church” found in the Book of Acts (e.g. God’s Word,  prayer, worship, fellowship, caring and sharing, the Lord’s Supper, and baptism).
  5. Using biblical guidelines found in Timothy and Titus, D.O.O.R. International staff and graduates will train and equip local Deaf leaders who can oversee the growth and reproduction of Deaf Believers’ Fellowships.
  6. D.O.O.R. International staff will provide training and tools to Christian and secular Deaf leaders in areas of community empowerment and development. This will include specific training in areas such as vision, planning, budgeting, establishing goals, problem solving, team building, developing advocates, and community activism for Deaf people’s rights to interpreters, as well as education, jobs, medical services, health services, and other social services.

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