Unleashing the Gospel through Story Telling | Mission Frontiers Nov Dec 2013


The current issue is titled “Unleashing the Gospel through Story Telling“.

Why story telling? In addition to the fact that two-thirds of the Scripture is set in some form of narrative or “story” and that many throughout the world do not read, there is also this reason:

Academicians are now labeling the period from the fifteenth to the twentieth century the Gutenberg Parenthesis: a period where the left side of the brain took over and gave birth to sciences, inventions, and philosophies, but in so doing relieved the right-side brain of its active engagement in creativity. Today, more than a decade into the twenty-first century, captured images, reality entertainment, social media, and online video gaming actually closely resembles the pre-Gutenberg era, when the right side of the brain was much more in unison with the left side.