Contextualized Prayer Beads


“Prayer Beads” are used in a variety of ways by some Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Muslims for a variety of purposes.

One discipler found a contextually appropriate way to harness the familiarity of prayer beads in his context so that they might deliver the message of Jesus Christ.

The prayer beads pictured above are 21 in number.

This discipler uses each bead to represent a key name of God from the Bible using the name familiar in the language of his target people.

Each divine name is accompanied by key verse(s), key narrative(s), key point, and a color coded bead for key names.

This system – while contextualized for a particular group – would be fantastic for anyone to learn.

  • It accomplishes the main goal for participants in ANY “Discovery Bible Study”, i.e. communicating the character of the God who saves from Creation to Christ to Consummation!
  • It accomplishes another goal for people using it – its use may be a very convenient way to begin Gospel conversations! As mentioned earlier, people from many diverse backgrounds relate to “beads” in some way. Even those who don’t may find them of interest. A conversation may be as close as asking… “Do you know what these beads means?” In other words, these beads can help lead to a variety of “shema statements” that go directly to the heart of the nature of God.
  • We are fooling ourselves as Western Christians if we don’t think we could use these beads to deepen our own spiritual life! The fact is that most of us are too hurried, too superficial, and too sporadic in our prayers. If we a) learned the meaning of each bead and then b) used one or several “beads” (or names of God) to guide our meditation and prayers, we ourselves would grow immensely as we become shaped by the character of God!

Learn more here:

Contextualized Prayer Beads

Just a thought, if you were making a list of the “Names of God” to help someone discover God’s nature and character … what “names” might you add to the 21 this discipler has chosen?


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  1. Dan at the link to circumpolar (at the bottom) there’s a gmail address. I’ve emailed them but haven’t heard back. You really need to see that whole article. I’d like to buy or make some myself. It’d be a novel way to teach “Creation to Christ” with a missionary emphasis thrown in and a unique conversation starter for many people a la Dt 6:4-9

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