12 Step Recovery and Mission

12 steps
Ray Ramos via Ed Stetzer

There was a time when – in early AA (see DickB.com if you don’t believe it) when AA started with repentance before God and what became the “12 Steps” were a life of repentance before God.

Ray Ramo’s story is one of getting clean and sober through a 12 step program as an adult after becoming a crack addict at 15. When he finally met Jesus Christ, he found himself caught in the middle between the 12 step programs and the church. One denied the need of the other.

This is a call to train people struggling with an addictive past how to minister within the context of 12 step groups. (Of course “Celebrate Recovery” is a “Christian 12 Step Group”.

It’s worth reading but alot of problems could be solved if people knew about DickB.com.

Also CityTeam is working overtime to connect their “Big Book” study curriculum to the same “Disciple Making Movement” principles described in “Miraculous Movements” so that limited term “recovery ministries” create LONG TERM DISCIPLES… Amazing!

12 Step Programs are still valid ministries and open doors to a hungry mission field where God has been pleased to redeem people time and again… will we enter it?

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  1. Thank you for your cite, post, and reference to our work. As you may know, I have published 46 titles and over 1600 articles on Alcoholics Anonymous History and on the Christian Recovery Movement. http://www.dickb.com/titles.shtml. Also, the International Christian Recovery Coalition was founded in July, 2009 and now has participants in 50 states and several other countries. Its mission is to gather, at no cost, an informal fellowship of those Christian recovery leaders, workers, newcomers, and members of the public who disseminate the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible played in recovery and can play today for those suffering alcoholics, addicts, and the affected who want God’s help. In His Service, Dick B. dickb@dickb.com

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