Lesslie Newbigin on the Hidden Life of the Pastor

Lesslie Newbigin was Moderator of the General ...
Lesslie Newbigin was Moderator of the General Assembly of the URC in 1978/1979. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Called the “Missionary Who Wouldn’t Retire”, he wrote a book for pastors entitled Good Shepherd Meditations at Newbigin.net.

Here are some of his insights on the pastor’s devotional life:

It may safely be said as a general rule that the more time we have to give to the ministry of  public prayer, the more time we need to spend in private prayer – in that kind of prayer where we go into our room and shut the door and pray to our Father in secret…

About this I would like to make two practical suggestions. The first is that our prayer has to be responsible and disciplined. It should express our serious commitment and not just our passing whim For this reason I have found it helpful to write down the things and people that I want to pray for, and not to desist until I know that the answer has been given. The answet may not be what I expect. It may be some time before I recognise it. But I should not cease until I know what the answer is.  Mere courtesy should forbid the practice of tossing off unconsidered petitions and not waiting for the answer. Prayer is a serious matter.

The second suggestion is that each one of us should have a simple system to ensure that we pray regularly for every person in our parish. It is not possible to pray for everyone every day. But no one should be forgotten. The only way is to have a system which ensures that we do remember each one regularly – if possible not less than once per month.

Visit: Newbigin.net