26 Aspects of Pauline Discipleship


Richard Moore has been preaching and communicating to youth since 1994. He is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry. He is married to Simone and has 3 children, Ana, Lydia, and Caleb. Richard is passionate about seeing an ever-increasing number of students come to know, worship, and obey Jesus authentically.

1. Suffering (for the Gospel)
2. Boldness (in the Gospel)
3. Opposition (He faced opposition to the Gospel)
4. Exhortation (A deep pleading to obey the Gospel)
5. Approved (He was deeply called by God)
6. Entrusted (He was entrusted with the gospel, and He entrusted them also with the sacred Gospel.)
7. Spoke to please God, not men (Paul always sought to please Jesus through reliance on Him.)
8. Non-flattering speech (He did not seek to flatter the Thessalonians, but was in their face, or told them the truth in love.)
9. Non-greedy (He sought to never be a burden on them.)
10. Non-glory seeking (He sought only God and His glory.)

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