Rethinking Discipleship


Select Comments and Quotes from Ed Stetzer’s “Rethinking Discipleship”:

Sort of “Duh”, right? We should have always known this at least since the Reformation: “The number one statistical correlation to spiritual maturity was the practice of reading the Bible.”

Good stat: “The reality is that it has become normal for us to NOT grow. We studied over 2500 church attendees in the LifeWay Research study only 3.5% of those we surveyed over the course of a year displayed any measurable growth. But, 55% of those we studied perceived themselves to have grown spiritually.”

What is being reproduced? “Many church planters are spiritually bankrupt and strategy rich. It is time to declare bankruptcy and not pass it on like a Ponzi scheme to your people. It will all eventually come crumbling down.”

Closing Quote: “Do you people see you as a great leader or a godly pastor. Hopefully both, but pick godly over great.”

So what will have to change? 

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