Confronting Homelessness as Relational Poverty


Rev. Jeremy J. Tuinstra has some remarkable words about homelessness and his church’s outreach in that way. He brings a wonderfully gospel centered view to this ministry that this curator has never heard before. Homeless people are first and foremost people like us. Here are some excerpts.

… we have been blessed with a unique opportunity to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ among homeless people in our community.  Discovering that relational poverty is at the core of homelessness, we want to follow hard after Jesus by offering ourselves and commending our Savior to our homeless friends in the context of redemptive relationships.  Homeless people are unique in their problems are obvious and intense because they have fallen through the cracks, both socially and economically. This is ministry that gets messy!

As our congregation started to engage in this relationally intense ministry, it became clear to many of us that homeless people were not the only significantly “broken” people in the room. So, for example, while my wife and I were receiving training to strengthen ourselves for ministry “in the deep end of the pool”  with our homeless friends, we were only also receiving  ministry for our own personal personal transformation and encouragement.

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