Constantine’s Conversion and St. Paul


It’s become popular in recent times to blame all the woes of the church it seems on “Constantine” and his Edict of Milan.

The people complaining are also the ones who are usually quite upset about Christians being persecuted in other nations that didn’t follow Constantine’s example

Yes, it’s completely contradictory.

The Biblical facts are that Jesus expected His followers to bear witness before kings and rules. Paul appealed to Caesar to defend himself and, undoubtedly, bear witness to the Emperor if possible as he did to King Agrippa in Acts 25.

If and when kings convert… do we think Paul would have said  “Please don’t”?

Have we stopped witnessing to leaders because we expect them to know the Gospel?

James Kushiner makes some good points here:  The Fellowship of St. James: What Would Paul Have Said About Constantine?

Image:  Paul Before Agrippa via Creative