In reading George Hunter on Adaptive Leadership he noted that we err in thinking only in terms of “attracting people like us only younger”. The vitality many churches seek in vain for normally only comes from when they begin seeing the power of the Gospel in seeing people powerfully transformed. Sometimes the people are right under our noses!


We were doing some outreach around the Harry Hines area and we met this small group of people who live in a run down drug house. We have been to this place 3 times now. They WELCOME US WITH OPEN ARMS and have asked us back every time. If fact, I just got off the phone with one of the guys who lives there because he just wanted to call me and ask when I was coming back!

The last time we were there we talked to this group for awhile and just got to know each other. In the group was a man who is an alcoholic and who knows what else. Also in the group was a girl who is a heroin addict who we think is selling herself to get money for drugs. We spoke encouragement to this girl and saw tears in her eyes and then…

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