Why Fiji?


Remarkable reports emerged from Fiji according to the Sentinel Group. Notably these things did not happen overnight. It took 20 years, but still consider what they have to say…

Much of Nataleira’s coral reef was dead. After reconciliation between villagers. on two separate times they saw fire fall from the sky onto the reef. Fire burned on the water and, subsequently, the coral began to regenerate. Large fish they had not seen for 50 years returned in abundance. Crops were restored.

The only stream that runs through Nuku had been seriously polluted for 42 years, making the water toxic. On the third day of the Healing the Land process, the stream became clear and pure again. Mangroves that had died began to grow again. Agricultural productivity increased dramatically, and long-absent varieties of fish have returned.

Pastor Ian Shelton of Toowoomba, Australia, a first-hand observer of the revival in Fuji, shares core reasons why God’s presence lingers in that island nation. From the perspective of a quarter-century friendship with Pastor Vuniani Nakauyaca, one of the key men God is using in Fiji, along with many ongoing ministry visits, Shelton gives us Ten Distinctives he sees in the move of God in Fiji.

In short Shelton mentioned:

• Long-term, faithful intercession (20 Years)
• Humility and lack of pretension
• Zeal of youthful intercessors
• Total unity among religious leaders
• Repentance and humbling first by leaders
• Centrality of repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and restitution
• Corporate repentance before individual response
• Simple faith
• All known historical sin dealt with
• Spiritual warfare

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