The Fair Trade Scandal: Marketing Poverty To Benefit The Rich

For some historically Christian groups, promoting “Fair Trade” has seemingly become an equivalent to “preaching the Gospel” (or at least living it).  Is the premium price everything it’s cracked up to be? Let alone “Gospel Living”?

Ndongo Sylla has worked for Fairtrade International and offers an insider’s view of how fair trade improves—or doesn’t—the lot of the world’s poorest. His methodological framework first describes the hypotheses on which the fair trade movement is grounded before going on to examine critically the claims made by its proponents. By distinguishing local impact from global impact, Sylla exposes the inequity built into the system and the resulting misallocation of the fair trade premium paid by consumers. The Fair Trade Scandal is an empirically based critique of both fair trade and traditional free trade; it is the more important for exploring the problems of both from the perspective of the peoples of the Global South, the ostensible beneficiaries of the fair trade system.

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