New life for a two-time felon

For the most part, everyone in prison today will return to society. The label “felon” can create almost insurmountable obstacles to obtaining and keeping work sufficient to sustain a family. Many felons have never had a relationship with people who have not been in trouble with the law and need a new perspective on navigating life. Can your church provide that perspective

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Hector Garcia left prison a two-time felon, but emerged as a man after God’s own heart.
Before leaving H.H. Coffield Unit, Hector began praying that he would know God more deeply and somehow avoid his familiar self-destructive patterns. After his release, Hector endured hardships few men—honest or otherwise—would accept. Rather than go back to the quick money of drug dealing, he lived out of his car and prayed earnestly for an opportunity to succeed with integrity.

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