Jack Miller: Our Missionary Desire

Our missionary desire is to have God humble our pride so that with broken hearts we surrender to God’s sovereign missionary spirit to work grace deeply into our lives. We want his Spirit to teach us how to pray with power, to give us a love for the lost, to enable us to witness with risk-taking boldness and plant churches that are missionary churches.

We ourselves grieve over our own sins, which are:

(1) fleshly dependence upon secondary means like organization, gift packages, talents, methods, and past experiences rather than relying on the Holy Spirit alone for empowerment;

(2) apathy toward the peril of the lost;

(3) preoccupation with the “rat race” of modern life;

(4) prayerlessness or coldness in prayer;

(5) and the greatest evil of all, little passion for Christ and his conquering gospel.

from Nothing Is Impossible with God: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power

Jack Miller was the founder of World Harvest Mission…His wife Rose Marie Miller is a missionary based in London.