What Happens To The Faith Of North Korean Underground Christians When They Come To South Korea?

What happens to North Korean Christians once they are “free” in the South? It reveals as much about us as them….

Do the Word

SUSA-Korean Mrs. Foley and I are honored to enjoy the friendship  of a number of North Korean defector Christians and Christian families who were previously underground believers when they lived in North Korea. To a person, they are all extraordinary human beings from whom I have learned–and continue to learn–a great deal about faith and patient endurance and the high cost of discipleship, which they insist is a privilege that is to be joyfully paid.

It is rare for us to publish their stories because Christianity runs in families inside North Korea, and almost all of them have family members still there who would be punished for the defector Christians’ indiscreet speech. Still, they are a great help to us in everything from teaching us North Korean underground Christianity to serving as a sounding board for our projects and curricula to helping us investigate/validate/evaluate the claims made about underground Christians in…

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