How To Evangelize On A Long Bus-Trip Across The Country

Though we often share food with “the poor” we rarely eat with them; though we often collect canned goods for the
Food Bank it is often what we have as left overs. Out sharing is safely anonymous and as a result not a part of the disciplemaking process. Here’s some food for thought on that…

Do the Word

WLO_sharingbread A few weeks ago, at our discipleship conference with restricted church leaders , we heard an interesting story about sharing your bread that illustrates the simple power of doing the word.

This story came from the pastor of a church of a couple hundred people–a pastor who also happens to be a seminary student.  He organized a similar training for us to lead last year, but he wasn’t able to attend many of the sessions himself and as a result he became confused as to exactly what we were teaching.  But one session that he did get to attend was our teaching on sharing your bread.

He understood that when he went sharing his bread he wasn’t simply handing out food, but rather eating together with those with whom he was sharing.  He also understood that his food was a gift from God (James 1:17), and that eating…

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