Have You Taken A Church Field Trip Recently?

Ready for a Field Trip?

Do the Word

WLO_sharingbread I firmly believe that the key to any discipleship program is doing the word.  One way that we’ve encouraged those in our DOTW Discipleship Groups to do the word is by designating the fifth Sunday of any month as “Field Trip Sunday.” In other words, the fifth Sunday is dedicated to doing the word as a congregation or at least, as a family group.

Below are some examples of how we’ve utilized field trip Sunday during the month of Sharing Your Bread.

  • Last year members of our congregation shared a meal with homeless men and women at a local homeless shelter. Surprisingly, we encouraged church members not to go into the shelter as volunteers or bearing gifts, but rather as one of the throng of homeless people waiting to be served. This act wasn’t really meant to be the “be-all-end-all” of service, but it was meant to establish the foundation…

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