Shoal Creek: Planting Churches Where People Live, Work, and Play

Why seek to start a disciple making movement in the US? Aren’t we a “Christian Nation”?

Here are the answers from Roy Moran of Shoal Creek:

  • We ran out of space.
  • We were praying for the 300,000 living within 30 minutes of us. We wanted to make it hard for them to go to hell.
  • We ran into the story of David Watson and the Bhojpuri.
  • We developed a hybrid “come/go” strategy.
  • On the “come” side, we have a Sunday morning service (which doesn’t feel like church to most, so we don’t get a lot of transfer growth); on the “go” side, we train them in DMM strategies to plant the church where we live, work and play.
  • We wanted a scalable model that would encompass all 300,000.

For the full transcript visit:  Planting Churches Where People Live, Work, and Play