Town Pastors

“Town Pastors” serve in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.   They were recently visited by the Archbishop of Canterbury so they are receiving some well deserved press attention.

See the above video… a professed non-Christian says he will call the Town Pastors and their prayer team when things get dicey downtown!

Here’s what one person said about the ministry of “Town Pastors” who serve Britain’s Town Centers…

These guys are amazing, people from all walks of life and ages coming out to help others. They are out until 4am or later, while most people are asleep and must feel like zombies for the rest of the weekend. The police seem to rely a lot on Town Pastors to look after people that can’t look after themselves and the presence that they have in the town is clear to see. I would like to applaud the town pastors for all that they do, you are massively appreciated, I just hope there is enough funding to keep it going for as long as possible because things would definitely go downhill for all stakeholder groups if they were withdrawn. It’s a shame there aren’t more comments and compliments for these amazing individuals I really can’t emphasise enough the difference that they make…

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