LoveLoud in New Orleans

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Diana Chandler reports for

NEW ORLEANS – Sue Yocum thought the man was crazy. He had approached her in Washington Square Park during one of her daily strolls with her daughter, Lena, who was only seven months old.

“Your baby is very pretty,” the man had said. The proud mother thanked him, but his next comment took her by surprise.

“Can I buy her?” he asked. “Can I buy your baby?” Yocum recalls the man asking. “It didn’t click. I asked ‘excuse me?’”

The stranger repeated himself.

Assuming his insanity, Yocum quickly returned to Baptist Friendship House across the street, a Southern Baptist mission and her home since her boyfriend deserted her upon the birth of their child. There, staff members explained to Yocum what really happened. The man had asked to buy her baby as his property.

Unable to support herself and her baby, Yocum’s circumstances placed her…

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