Social Justice is not Social Holiness

United Methodists grapple with the difference between Social Justice and Social Holiness – only the latter takes it’s cue from the transforming power of the Gospel…

Via Media Methodists

image I attended a very liberal seminary. I don’t mean that pejoratively, nor do I believe it to be an unfair characterization. Many, if not most of the school faculty identify themselves and the school as progressive — which seems to be the preferred nomenclature of the theological left.

I loved my time there. I grew in my own faith; I was nurtured and loved; I discovered and relished the rich intellectual tradition of Mainline Protestantism; heck, I even met my wife there! Given my proclivity for theological orthodoxy, I could relate all the ways I disagree with some of the theological and social positions of the school. But, I don’t want to do that. No doubt any of us who have attended a seminary, theological school, or divinity school could relate all the ways in which we might disagree with aspects of the institution. I am truly indebted to the…

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