Best Christian Hospitality Links In The News And The Blogosphere

Christian Hospitality – what is it and what impact could it have? The answers may surprise you!

Do the Word

WLO_openhome Our culture seems to be at war with Christian hospitality, and at times our churches practice a watered-down version of it. But in spite of this, I’ve found some Internet “hospitality gems” that I wanted to share with you. Each of the articles below has wonderful ideas on how we can practically “do the word” of hospitality that Christ first did to us. These below links are not blanket endorsements of the authors or the sites, but just simply an acknowledgement that we can learn something from what was written.

Baptists Growing In Christ Because of Hospitality? This article calls us to pay close attention to the difference between our culture’s idea of hospitality and a Scriptural view of hospitality. It also gives some good suggestions on how we can begin being hospitable, even if we are very uncomfortable with it!

Reclaiming the Culture Through Hospitality? We often think of…

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  1. One quote I liked from American Vision’s article on Hospitality and Culture was:

    If it is true that the front door of the home is the side door of the church then we need to reevaluate who comes over the thresholds of our houses. Transforming our culture for Christ will involve transforming our homes. One key aspect of this transformation will be going beyond entertainment to the extension of true, Christian hospitality. It will be an open table for our covenant community as well as “strangers”. It will also involve charity on the part of individuals and families. As we reengage these practices we will witness the growth of God’s Kingdom through the service of his saints. – See more at:

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