The Catechism and Juvenile Justice

Harris County Juvenile Justice Center

Can something as archaic as the Westminster Larger Catechism possibly make a difference these days in the lives of youth? Or adults for that matter?  (More links to the pastor mentioned will be given if available).

From Anthony Bradley:

The Catechism facilitates growth in low-income, urban environments. Last summer, when I attended the General Assembly of the Irish Presbyterian Church a pastor who serves a community populated also exclusively by housing projects (in the hood) was asked how he was having such great success with lower class families, esp. men who had drug histories & had been in gangs. His response shocked the entire GA because he said that he just “uses the Catechism” to teach from. Yes, it’s that simple. I agree with Vincent Bacote that urban worker’s and urban parent’s best extra-biblical resource is structured catechesis. If I were a billionaire, I’d set up transition facilities for struggling youth and their families where structured catechesis would be a large component.

The Larger Catechism of the Westminster Confession of Faith provides one of the best models for helping troubled youth, esp. in minority communities, who are cycling in and out of the juvenile justice system.

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