The Surprising Reason Kim Il Sung Rejected Christianity (And What Christians Should Do About It)

Kim Il Sung doubted heaven because nobody had ever been there. So he created North Korea, it seems, so some, at least have a foretaste of hell…

Do the Word

SUSA-Korean It’s well established that North Korea’s founder and eternal president Kim Il Sung grew up in a Christian home with a pastor for a grandfather and a church elder for a father. It is less well known that when Kim Il Sung wrote about Christianity and Christians, he did not write with hostility but rather with a bland and dismissive nonchalance. “Some people ask me if I was much influenced by Christianity while I grew up,” he once wrote . “I was not affected by religion, but I received a great deal of humanitarian assistance from Christians, and in return I had an ideological influence on them.”

To hear Kim Il Sung tell it, so long as the prayers of Christians served the national interest and so long as they did not do anything that got in the way of the national interest, he was fine to permit them their…

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