A “Swedish” Bible Study Method


Would you like a

  1. Simple
  2. Reproducible
  3. Inductive
  4. Cheap (almost free)
  5. No “curriculum” (other than the choice of texts)

Tool for helping people begin to read the Bible on their own that also

  • Includes a focus on APPLICATION and OBEDIENCE and
  • SHARING what’s been studied

If so, you should really check out the articles and resources linked below on the so-called “Swedish Bible Study Method” .

It is not the “end all” of inductive Bible study. It is a starting point, however, and tool to get people reading, discussing, and applying the Bible for themselves…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the week before the Sunday sermon,  every church member joined a small group, studied through the text for the sermon,  and even were able to give feedback to the pastor on their questions and how they planned to apply the text before Sunday?

That would be enormously helpful to the pastor who would then be speaking to people who had already connected with God’s Word, help the pastor answer their questions, and help the people know how THEY planned to obey God’s Word… It wouldn’t just be the pastor saying “Do This!” It’d be God’s People saying “here are some things we need to do!”

For follow up:

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