How Witnessing An Execution Gave One North Korean An Insatiable Hunger To Read The Bible

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SUSA-KoreanFile this one under Romans 8:28:

We received a letter from KCR, a North Korean defector in prison in South Korea. (There are many NK defectors in SK prisons, and they are rarely reached by churches.) We sent him one of our North Korean/South Korean Parallel Bibles, and he shared a long testimony about his burning desire to read the Bible when he was in North Korea. Below is an excerpt from his letter. Note especially the sections I put in bold:

I was brainwashed to devote my life to Kim Il-sung and was demanded to worship his family as idols. I could not imagine any other god or leader other than Kim Il-Sung because of the ideology education given to me by the North Korean government.

I, who was brought up in a Korean-style socialistic republic, was totally isolated from the world while I was brainwashed with…

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