Your Smart Phone as a Spiritual Resource

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10 Ways to Make Your Smart Phone a Spiritual Resource

Covenant people in covenant with our covenant GodCovenant people in covenant with our covenant God

We live in a technologically rich (and distracting) culture.  Most of us have smart phones, tablets, laptops and all the accessories to go along with them.  We can check email, send a text, upload a photo, or update our status almost anywhere and anytime.  This is a great resource, but it can also be very distracting and time consuming. Despite all our modern conveniences many of us struggle to fit everything in that we’re required to do for our job and family much less spend quality time with God regularly.

So here are ten ways you can use your smart phone or tablet to bring you closer to God and to pray more often.

1. Take five minutes to be inspired by a devotional/Bible reading app

Only got a few minutes?…

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