Who Else Would Reach These Knuckleheads?!

Good question – who will reach them?

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Thomas and Evelyn are two of my heroes. They lead Living the Word church at Jennings Apartments in Mansfield, Ohio- they also live there. Routinely Thomas and Evelyn scour the newspaper looking for new apartment complexes to move to in order to get out of the drama, drugs & crime. But, then Evelyn looks out over the complex and says: “who else would reach these knuckleheads?!”

Recently, I asked them: how they persevere in their ministry?
They said the following:
– We grew up in similar circumstances so our hearts break for these lost souls.
– We try to look past people’s deeds and look at their souls.
– We understand the reality of spiritual warfare so we know what we’re fighting against.
– We feel called by God to just keep planting gospel seeds and giving the people Jesus.

Oh, I have so much to learn from them!


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