5 Important Shifts Congregations Must Make

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The Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians and Fellowship of Presbyterians recently concluded that there are 5 crucial shifts for churches to make:

  1. From “Clergy-centered” to an “Unleashed Laity”
  2. From “Safety and Preservation” to “Risk-taking and Expansion”
  3. From “Homogeneous Leadership Prepared for Christendom” to “Preparing all of God’s people for a post-Christian Culture”
  4. From “Purely Attractional Model of Ministry” to “Missional AND Attractional”
  5. From “An Addition/Subtraction Mentality” to “A Multiplication Mindset”

It’s not just these Presbyterian churches that need to make such changes. Instead, every existing congregation needs to evaluate themselves along these lines.

ECO provides a “narrative” to help local leaders evaluate their ministry annually based on kingdom priorities.  Any leader could profit from using the tool on an ongoing basis.

Resource: Narrative Questions

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