Genesis Recovery San Diego: A Christian Recovery Program


Genesis Recovery San Diego ~ A Christian Recovery Program
Tommy Hathorn is Executive Director of this vigorous Christian Recovery Program, quite new to San Diego, California. We receive many calls and emails asking where one can find an effective and successful Christian Recovery Program. And we have known of, and seen Tommy’s work since about May, 2009. He visited the gathering of Christian recovery leaders in Irvine, California at that time; and we had ample opportunity to discuss his program ideas and learn the unique, solid biblical-based program with treatment, fellowship, sober living, Bible studies, and community contacts melding 12 Step program with old school A.A.’s Christian Fellowship program. Of late, this facility has added to its resources a large quantity of our book, The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible and teaching the facts to those in the Genesis Recovery program of…

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