What’s More Important Than Protecting Your Childrens’ Right To Read The Bible During School Recess?

Do the Word

Recently young Giovanni Rubeo was refused access to his Bible during his school’s free reading time.  I was interested to learn more about his response to his teacher in light of the theology of persecution and suffering we teach to North Korean defectors who are training to be missionaries to their own people.

Last week I shared with them the above video and asked them what they thought about Rubeo’s situation. I thought it would be helpful for the defectors to compare/contrast Rubeo’s response with how Scripture tells us to respond.

Surprisingly, all of the North Korean defectors agreed that Rubeo was indeed being persecuted for his faith.  They noted that the persecution wasn’t extreme and wasn’t physical in nature, but that nonetheless it was persecution.

But there was also a consensus in the class that young Rubeo and his father didn’t respond quite right to the persecution.

In The Shadow…

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