‘Your faith has healed you’


Don’t be discouraged that as a Christian you continue to struggle. Salvation is a journey, and a hard one at that. At times, circumstances seem to overwhelm you. You can’t see how God is going to deliver you from this crisis. An unbeliever singles you out for harassment. Sometimes our own lingering disabilities cause us to stumble or even fall.

Healing comes in God’s time and by his grace, but never forget it comes through the exercise of faith. Jesus said that to the blind beggar who cried out on the road to Jericho, to the woman with the chronic bleeding who reached out to touch his robe, to the leper on the border between Galilee and Samaria who begged for mercy, and to the immoral woman who washed his feet with her tears at a Pharisee’s house.

When life is hard, keep loving God with every fiber…

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