How to “BLESS” The Neighbors–An Acronym For Our Prayer Walk

Need a simple outline to pray for others? Ask God to B.L.E.S.S. them… here’s how!

Missional Field Notes

I’m trying to include get out as many helpful tools as possible as some of our folks walk the neighborhood, praying for God to bless and grace those around us and asking God to show us how we can be a part of that blessing and gracing. The following acronym could be helpful in giving us five ways to pray as we walk:

Body – Pray for their health, protection, and strength.

Labor – Pray that God would bless their work and provide for their income needs.

Emotional – Pray that God would give them true joy, peace, and comfort.

Social – Pray that they would have healthy relationships—with their spouse, children, and friends—or that God would provide them with true friends.

Spiritual – Pray for their salvation, that they would come to faith in Christ and be freed from whatever spiritual bondage they may find themselves in.


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