Help for Christians in Iraq

Tangible help for Christians in the Iraq war zone through Rev George Grant….

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Dr. George Grant ( has been involved with establishing Christian Schools in Kurdistan for years now. Currently there are three schools in operation under the umbrella of the Classical School of the Medes. They are run by Pastor Yousif Matti.

Today I received this short note from Dr. Grant:

“Our school in Erbil is in grave danger. Right now Suli and Duhuk are safe-but overwhelmed with refugees from the south. Please pray. We’re organizing relief now—funds are desperately needed…”

I asked for further details, asking how we could help. Here is the email I received just a short while ago:

This morning we received this report from Pastor Yousif Matti, the founder of the Classical School of the Medes in the Kurdish city of Erbil, just 20 minutes away from the heaviest fighting between the Kurdish Peshmerga and the ISIS invaders:

“Last night the US airstrikes helped a lot but…

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