Discipling North Koreans Through Toothpaste, Underwear, Rice And The Story Of Jesus

Do the Word

Q. On your web-site you state that 100% of your ministry is evangelism and discipleship. But I know you distribute ministry packs, and they aren’t discipleship-related, are they?

ministrypacksA. You’re right in thinking that ministry packs are a little different than a lot of what we do, but ours are still 100% discipleship related!

One of the major misconceptions about North Korea is that North Koreans are only found inside its supposedly barbed-wired borders. But in truth, North Koreans are found all over Asia and even into the Middle East! Those who are in good standing with the government are able to visit their relatives in China with the proper (often expensive) permitting (and ideological pre-education for what they will see on the outside). Some are diplomats. Others go to school. But by far the largest number are those working difficult jobs abroad.

When North Korean men and women are…

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