Maui Will Have a Pilot Program of Old School A.A. to Accompany the Nationwide Webinars Coming Soon


In addition to our many other August improvements and changes, we have had one of those additional miracles God keeps heaping up for service. Maui has been slow slow slow to respond to old school recovery facts. But there has been a recovered daily meeting attending Christian leader in the wings. One of my long-term Maui sponsees has joined in with our Maui restoration plan We have long wanted a pilot program. And now our recently successful newcomer is here with apartment, car, and eagerness to go. He’s detoxed, released from short term treatment, solid in fidelity, determination, helping others, and eager to resume helping with Big Book and Bible as he did on so many of my trips to Pittsburgh, the Wilson House, and other conferences in years gone by. So we are cranking up A.A. meeting attendance; planning regular study groups; resuming Bible and history study, and now…

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