How Do We Disciple North Koreans Who Visit The Outside World?

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NK DefectorsThere are many ways North Koreans manage to cross the border of North Korea to the outside world. Some swim across the Tumen River with guns blazing, dogs barking and search lights glaring in their wake. 

Most, however, leave the same way that you or I would leave our home states or countries – by train, airplane, car, or on foot, walking across a bridge! Every day, North Koreans travel in and out of NK for a variety of reasons, most of which have to do with visiting relatives in China or earning money for the regime in a number of different countries.

Others leave because they are forced. Korean-Chinese gangs sex traffic them in order to make money. This has been fueled by China’s one-child policy, since there are now more men than women in several areas, especially rural ones. Chinese men in Northeast China are thus ready customers for North…

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