Sometimes Underground Christians Lose Their Faith, Too…And This Is How God Rekindles It

God … rekindle faith in the lost generations ….

Do the Word

WLO_visitrememberKSH made her way to South Korea from North Korea nine years ago. She first heard about the gospel while she lived in China and became a Christian at that time. She is a student at our Underground University missionary training school, and she takes her training very seriously.

It has been ten years since her oldest son was sent back to the North while he was searching for an easy way for her to come to South Korea from China. She recently received the news he had been sent to a political prisoner camp. She said that at first she did not go to church after she learned that her son had been dragged back to the North. But now she puts her every worry in God’s hands, knowing that God is watching over her son.

Her family was a Christian family during the Japanese colonial era, especially her…

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