Update on SEED Net in America’s 10 Most Dangerous Cities

Spreading the Good News in America’s 10 Most Dangerous Cities…

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Earlier this year SEED Net began prayer/evangelism walking the 10 most dangerous cities in America with the goal of planting a church in each one.

Here’s an update for celebration and prayer.

#1. Detroit, Michigan – Derek is our person of peace at St. Antoine Garden’s in Detroit. He is praying with his neighbors and sharing Jesus with them and believes God is about to pull a group together.

#2. St. Louis, Missouri – we are waiting on a certain apartment complex to be in a better position for our arrival.

#3. Oakland, California – update coming later this weekend.

#4. Memphis, Tennessee – Joe is our person of peace at this poor trailer park in Memphis. Andy is building a coaching relationship with him and we are planning a trip in January to further empower him to reach his lost neighbors and pull a group together.

#5. Birmingham, Alabama

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