Seoul USA/VOM Korea Announces The North Korean Hymnal, Created By NK Underground Christians And NK Defector Christians

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Logo 071414The North Korean church is not a subset of the South Korean Church. It has its own distinctive history and spiritual heritage that not only continues to bless North Korean underground Christians and North Korean defector Christians but also the whole world.

With the support of our sister Voice of the Martyrs missions around the world, Seoul USA (VOM/Korea) works with underground North Korean Christians and North Korean defector Christians to develop worship tools for North Korean Christians everywhere that are true to this rich spiritual heritage. The North-South Korean Parallel Bible is one of the results of our collaboration.

Now, with the support of our sister VOM missions in the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Belgium, and Australia, we are in the process of completing a North Korean Hymnal with the same goal: to help North Koreans worship God in their own dialect (which is 40% divergent from South Korean dialect) and…

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