The Lack of Mission in the Missional Movement: Let’s Just Tweet About It

The Asian Rough Rider


These days everyone has the vernacular down. The word “missional” has been trending for the last 15 years among post-modern, culturally sensitive followers of Jesus. We’re changing the way we communicate with the un-churched by trying not to sound so religious. That’s great, but changing what we say versus changing what we do are two very different things. I’m afraid that many “Missional Communities ” in the west have only adopted the popular definitions of mission and don’t reflect its true practice.

So what does it mean to be missional? Alan Hirsch defines missional as a way of thinking. It’s a paradigm of how we see and express the Church/Ecclesia of Christ.

So what does it look like to live missionaly? Ed Stetzer and David Putnam in their book, “Breaking the Missional Code” (2006) breaks it down like this:

• From programs to processes
• From demographics…

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