Newsweek: How the Roma Are Becoming Europe’s New Moral Army

In an amazing reversal befitting the wonderful grace of God, the once hated ROMA or “Gypsies” are being heralded by the secular media as Europe’s “New Moral Army”!

A youth prayer meeting at the Light and Life church convention.Image Courtesy NEWSWEEK

Background story at Steve Addison’s blog: Gypsy Faith

The Gypsy revival can be traced back to 1950 in Normandy, France in the town of Liseuz. A gypsy lady named Duvil-Reinhart. A member of the local Assemblies of God gave her a tract at market.

She forgot about it until a few months later when one of her sons became desperately ill. She visited the church and asked the pastor to pray for her dying son. He went with her to the hospital, laid hands on her son and prayed. The boy was completely healed.

As a result the whole family surrendered to Christ and began sharing their story with their extended family.

Mandz, one of Madame Duvil’s sons became the first gypsy preacher after an AOG pastor helped him legalize his marriage.

The gospel spread rapidly from family to family and clan to clan. By 1958 three thousand had been baptized, ten thousand by 1964….