Why Low-Tech Is Better Than High-Tech For North Korea Ministry

Low Tech is the new “viral” when it comes to underground ministry ….

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Logo 071414Q – What are some new high-tech ways that you are getting the gospel into North Korea?

Pastor Tim – Park Sang Hak (famous NK defector) was recently in the news because of his efforts to utilize cutting edge Silicon Valley technology to get information into North Korea. Utilizing technology in NK ministry has also been important for Voice of the Martyrs Korea over the years as well. For example, we use GPS technology to track our balloons, and we constantly improve our launches based on the GPS tracks.

But while we value the benefits of technology, we’ve also learned over the years the surprising lesson that low-tech is the new high-tech and nearly always the best solution for NK ministry.

We are often approached by pioneering techies with impressive proprietary technologies (which they are happy to share with us freely) to get the gospel into NK. We…

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