The Cuban Methodist Revival

The Cuban Methodist Revival thrives ….

David F. Watson

Earlier this month I had the privilege of traveling to Cuba with a group from United Theological Seminary. We accompanied a mission team from Trinity Family Life Center, a United Methodist Congregation in Pickerington, Ohio, led by Rev. Tim Burden.

IMG_1828There aren’t sufficient words to describe what is happening there. On almost any night of the week, Methodist churches are packed full of people of all ages. They are worshipping God, preaching, reading scripture, singing at the top of their voices, prophesying, and praying over one another for blessings, healing, and deliverance. In many churches, people are lined up in the aisles, standing at the back of the sanctuary, and even standing on the steps outside. Worship takes place in large churches, small churches, and even in grass-roofed pavilions outside the city. People who have generations of atheism or Santeria in their families are coming to Christ. As in the Book…

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