Too Many “Little Children” And Not Enough “Fathers” Among Recent Christian Martyrs?

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Logo 071414Sophia Jones offers moving tribute to the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS, sharing about their everyday lives before martyrdom. The 21 are described as

laborers, gone for months on end, who sent home hard-earned money to feed entire families. They left their impoverished home in Egypt to work in Libya for a better future, despite the dangers.

Hani Abdel Messihah, 32, is “gentle and kind, always making a joke whenever he could.” Yousef Shoukry, 24, is “a  quiet young man with the heart of a child… All he wanted to do was find a job and start a family.” His faith gave him the confidence to go to Libya. “I have one God, he’s the same here and there,” he told his mother. Maged Suleiman Shahata, 40, was “born into poverty and so were his children. But the father of three was determined to change their futures.”

These are quality men of…

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